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Visitors from across the Ocean

We have had a season of many visitors lately.  It’s been great to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and just hear stories of what God is doing all around the world.  I love thinking about how God has specifically placed each of us at a certain place, at a certain time, for […]

January Holiday

Morning session during ROPES camp Parents join campers on last day of ROPES camp Because the Ugandan school year starts in February, January is often a busy month at Musana.  This year we had 4 groups as well as several individuals and families that came during the month.  One of the weeks was a returning […]


A week and a half after our family left, we welcomed another guest to camp from our church in Wisconsin. Hannah is finishing her senior year in high school (homeschooling for the first time ever!) and has a desire to be involved in missions. She came on a team last summer and we immediately liked […]

Helicopter Adventures

This past week, we enjoyed having a visitor (well, really a state-side co-worker), Stephen, with us.  He had been in country for 5 months attending the New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family course at Kasana.  He joined us at Musana for his final week in country.  One of the areas he is gifted in […]


    From January until May, we had the privilege of having Jesse (a past acquaintance from Camp Forest Springs) here at Musana.  We say privilege as he was a blessing in many different ways.  He was here to do his internship for university…a new venture for us (to be the facilitators for a university […]