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Throughout these years in Uganda, we have always been amazed at how God will send certain people to fill a need for a season…many times, even before we know it is a need!  He did it again when He sent Syd’s sister, Keisha, to live with us these past 2 ½ months.  We were really […]

Calvary Community Church

  For the 2nd time since we moved to the camp in 2009, we were privileged to host a team from Calvary Community Church in Wisconsin, my home church.  The team of 13 was great…and so diverse in ages!  The youngest on the team was 9 yrs. and the oldest was in his late 70’s!!  […]

“My Matthew”

We have had a new “family member” living with us since February – “my Matthew” as Malachi has affectionately called him from time to time ☺ Matthew comes from a family that lives and works on a ranch in Oregon. He just graduated high school this past year and decided to come over to help […]

The Pinkertons

At the same time that Andrea’s parents came, her uncle and aunt, Steve and Tess, and their 3 boys, Sam, Seth, and Tim, arrived to live here for 6 weeks.  It made for a busy, fun-filled week together!  We are excited to have them around for a while.  Malachi is LOVING having boys to play […]


Paul and Jodene Kessel were some of the first staff with Kasana (New Hope)  when the ministry first started up in the late 80’s.  They now live in Dickinson, ND and have 6 children of whom they brought their youngest three with them on the trip (Michaela, Abby, and Leah).  It was great sharing life […]