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Emily and Friends

In the midst of the Samuel Family retreat, we had the fun opportunity to have visitors from Rwanda.  Emily, a friend of Syd’s from Trail’s End Ranch, is doing a year-long internship in Rwanda and she and 3 of her friends from there were traveling through Uganda for a few days.  They were willing to […]

Step by Step, Little by LIttle

So slowly by slowly our house is getting finished amidst hosting groups, dealing with squatters and the like.  Gabe and Andrea Williams, and Gabe’s brother, Josh, came out for the better part of a week in August to work on the kitchen counters.  Otherwise, Syd has been doing most of the work by himself (well, […]


We have had the extremely rare privilege of having Andrea’s sister, Melissa, come to visit for 2 whole months…and that is after visiting us earlier in January!  Melissa was in between jobs and had just moved, so figured that it was the perfect opportunity to make an extended trip to hang out with us here.  […]