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Luke and Maria

We had the fun privilege of having a couple from Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I worked and met at) come out to Musana Camps at the beginning of August.  Like we wrote recently about Keisha coming, we are always blessed to see how God provides people to help in times of […]

Calvary Community Church

  For the 2nd time since we moved to the camp in 2009, we were privileged to host a team from Calvary Community Church in Wisconsin, my home church.  The team of 13 was great…and so diverse in ages!  The youngest on the team was 9 yrs. and the oldest was in his late 70’s!!  […]

World Race

  In April, we got an email from a lady named Tess wondering if we could host her World Race team during May.  Andrea had grown up in the same church as Tess so had known her for quite some time.  We didn’t know anything about the World Race (and our internet wasn’t working well […]

Dakota Team

February brought an event that we had been anticipating for quite some time—the arrival of the Dakota Team!  This team always seems like family to us and a breath of fresh air.  Although different people have been on the team each year, the Dakota Team has come each February that we have lived at the […]

Faith Bible Church Team

Faith Baptist from Pampa, TX (Kendra’s home church) came for almost 2 weeks.  They did a variety of projects, helping around camp, but mainly helping the Jacksons finish some projects on their house.  We were encouraged through their time with us and the Jacksons especially enjoyed having Kendra’s Mom here, especially as baby Dan was […]