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Changing Spaces

In July, Nathan and Kendra had a team of 5 people helping here and at Kobwin Children’s Center.  They did a number of things including helping us to change over our store room into an office space.  Construction had just completed on the renovated storeroom building (we added on 4 store rooms!) and the team […]

Medical Outreach

This past week we were privileged to have 2 groups of “volunteers” here from the states at the same time.  Nathan and Kendra have a team of 5 people (including Nathan’s sister) here for 2 weeks to do various construction projects.  At the moment, they are up at Kobwin Children’s Center for a few days […]

Baker Lutheran Church

It’s been several days now since we said good-bye to the Baker Lutheran team from Baker, Montana.  What a great group!  Each of the twelve that came had great attitudes and hearts that were ready to give as well as learn—a huge blessing in a team.  A few things they helped Musana with were welding […]

Medical Outreach 2011

Musana Camps recently hosted our second medical outreach with a team of of medically trained people from Lynden, Washington.  It was a tremendous success.  One of the greatest needs of the people in our area is good medical care, and so this has been a way that we can really make a difference.  Musana Camps […]

Finishing projects

Since Christmas (well, even before), Syd has been pushing to get a bunch of projects done on the house as well as around camp.  Our desire is that the house will basically be done so that when we return next term, we will be able to focus wholly on developing the men’s training program and […]