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Mountain Springs Church

An all-to-familiar, bittersweet feeling is gracing our day today…the feeling of working hard all week and being tired to the bone, but HATING to see the group you’ve been serving leave camp.  As the last good-bye is given and the vehicles drive away, the quietness that follows offers a sweet rest, but it also can […]

Calvary Comes to Camp

This past month brought a long-awaited event–the arrival of a team from Calvary Community Church (Andrea’s home church from Wisconsin) to Uganda.  The team (all but one member pictured above) consisted of 9 people, each bringing their own unique skills and perspective to the trip. The team had a whirl-wind time in Uganda.  First was […]

Kings Community Church

The second team that came to the camp in February was a group from a church in Canada, Kings Community Church.  The two men on the left in the above picture had already been with us for several weeks.  Chris (on the far left) is a very experienced surveyor who came for over a month […]

First Teams

As we have alluded to several times, we have been blessed to already have our first work teams at the camp.  Within 2 days of moving here, a man from Canada along with 4 helpers (another guy from Canada who has been helping at Kasana for the past 5 months and other guys from Kasana) […]