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More ROPES stories

    January brought many groups for camps.  One of the highlights was the ROPES camp for students from several schools and homeschool co-ops in Kampala.  If you can tell from other posts and our newsletters, we really love ROPES camps!  It is a tremendously impacting camp program that comes at the end of a […]

Kobwin and Cave Paintings

At the end of May, Syd had some meetings up at Kobwin Children’s Center (another branch of NHU).  We packed up a tent and all trailed along (which the kids were SUPER excited about!).  A year ago, we had made the same trek, but I had been 6 months pregnant with a cold and giardia […]

January Holiday

Morning session during ROPES camp Parents join campers on last day of ROPES camp Because the Ugandan school year starts in February, January is often a busy month at Musana.  This year we had 4 groups as well as several individuals and families that came during the month.  One of the weeks was a returning […]

KBC Camp

For a month and a half, we (especially the construction staff!) were feverishly working to prepare camp for a youth camp (from Kampala Baptist Church) at the beginning of January.  The leader had told us that they would bring anywhere from 100-150, the largest group that we had ever hosted.  More picnic tables were made, […]


End of April to mid-May was holiday camping season here at Musana.  We went into our camp season a bit frazzled as there had been a miscommunication about dates of our first camp.  All of the sudden Samuel Family was coming a week earlier than we had been planning for!  It all worked out beautifully […]