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World Race

  In April, we got an email from a lady named Tess wondering if we could host her World Race team during May.  Andrea had grown up in the same church as Tess so had known her for quite some time.  We didn’t know anything about the World Race (and our internet wasn’t working well […]

Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit at Home

We were excited to welcome back 1MoreChild…this time, for the first time, with boys and girls combined for a total of 66 guests!  The co-ed arrangement didn’t seem to be a problem until they were getting ready to head down to the lake for swimming.  The kids are young (6-11years) SO THEY DON’T USUALLY WEAR […]

Camps, Camps, Camps

In a one-month time-span, we have hosted 5 camps which have kept us very busy.  Starting with Masulita (the organization working with street kids started by Uganda’s First Lady), then 2 groups from Kasana: Worcestor Family and Heart of Worship (high school age students who help lead worship in various settings).  Lastly, we had 2 […]


We got back from Kasana (after picking up supplies in Kampala) with one day to get ready for David Family to come for a 3-night retreat.  It was fun to have them back for the third time.  We packed their schedule with devotion times, group games, group initiatives and two intense hikes throughout our property.  […]

EYO Youth Camp at Kasana

We’ve been at Kasana Children’s Center this past week while Syd has been doing some teaching on biblical manhood and womanhood for a youth camp put on by a group called EYO (Emmanuel Youth Outreach).  Some day we would plan on having a camp like this at Musana, but because of our current capacity (the […]